I was 8 when I had fallen victim to those McDonald’s burger ads which you see everyday, and I found myself never liking McDonald’s after that.


At first, it was a much cherishable moment for me, I must say..


You can hear the choir of angels singing at the back as you receive your burger on a mysterious brown plastic platter,


…You reach forth with a void of immense curiosity that needed to be filled and you unwrap like how your inner child unwraps when he or she gets a present for Christmas…


…only to find…


… it looks like a dried up Donald Trump.


It kills your faith in humanity at times..


Turn off File Explorer Ads
This is for all those fake Big Macs





Ads kill the trust of your customers


The thing I wanted to point out is that, ads do pose more damage onto your customers’ trust than it does good especially if the business can’t live up to the promise of the existing product’s value.


Think about it,

When you buy a product, and you’re presented with ads about other products that the company is offering.

Rather than them providing your money’s worth of value, you’ll get the feeling that they’re making money out of you rather than fulfilling their promise.



That is precisely what’s happening with us, Windows 10 users, this very instant.







Remember, you paid $119 from your hard earned cash


We paid around $119 for Windows 10 with our hard earned cash ($199 if you chose the Pro edition) and what do we get?




Now you can manage if it’s either one or two ads that is shown right?

But the the part which bugs the most is when they crank that number of ads up (which they actually did now) until you present this $119 product, as more of an advertising trap that you just fell into.



Go ahead and turn on your computer with Windows 10, and you can see for yourself some of the ads (there’s a whole lot more) which Microsoft promotes…


  • the lock screen ads disguised as your backgrounds
  • the notification ads for your Microsoft Edge search browser
  • even those strange pop-up ads for your Microsoft’s personal shopping assistant in Chrome



Turn off File Explorer Ads   Turn off File Explorer AdsTurn off File Explorer Ads   Turn off File Explorer Ads



You never asked for this.







What’s this OneDrive that Microsoft keeps asking me to buy?


Turn off File Explorer Ads



Microsoft has been nagging us to buy the subscription to its OneDrive cloud.

It’s basically a storage service built into your Windows 10 that is directly tied with your Microsoft account.


As of now, every Windows user gets 5GB of free space, but then you are required to pay to get as much as 1TB for a single user.

It also comes with an Office 365 subscription so it might seem like a good deal.


However again, that does not necessarily mean you want to be made aware of this through the annoying ads whilst you browse your files in File Explorer on your Windows 10 wherever you may be.



So I’ll show you how you can turn off File Explorer ads in just 5 little steps. 🙂






How to Turn Off File Explorer Ads on Windows 10: 5 Steps



Step 1:  Open your File Explorer


You can open File Explorer by Clicking on your File Explorer shortcut below.


Turn off File Explorer Ads





Or asking Cortana


Turn off File Explorer Ads





Or even simply by pressing your Windows key + E on your keyboard.








Step 2:  Head over to View. Then Options.  Finally, Change folder and search options.


Turn off File Explorer Ads







Step 3:  Once you’re in the Folder options window, head over to the View tab.


Turn off File Explorer Ads








Step 4:  In the Advanced settings list, scroll down until you see the option Show sync provider notifications.


Turn off File Explorer Ads







Step 5:  Finally Uncheck that option and then select OK to close the window.





Now tell me that didn’t take you less than 8 seconds? 😉