And you thought iPads were the best goddamn “OMG I just fell in love for the first time in forever” kinda tablet..


It’s not.


In a recent study performed by J.D. Power, (which btw if you think they’re some shitty source then you’re wrong) they’re probably one of the most prominent and rigorous marketing research firms around..


They found that..





Microsoft’s Surface Tablets beat Apple’s iPads


Microsoft’s Surface Tablets edged out Apple’s iPads for the first time ever this year.



Result: 855 – 849


On a 1000 point scale Microsoft’s Surface Tablets scored 855, with Apple’s iPads scoring 849, and behind Samsung with 847.


The average for all the brands that was surveyed on was 841.



Microsoft Surface buyers felt more satisfied than iPad owners




Here are the 6 Reasons


In features, Microsoft is the highest performer in three areas: variety of pre-loaded applications; internet connectivity; and availability of manufacturer-supported accessories.


But that’s not just all, and I’ll get into that.


Some of the reasons why Microsoft Surface buyers felt more satisfied according to JD power include:




  • Versatility


Jeff Conklin, J.D. Power’s VP, shared that the versatility of Microsoft’s Surface tablets is a big part of what made it a success.


“The Microsoft Surface platform has expanded what tablets can do, and it sets the bar for customer satisfaction,”

“These tablet devices are just as capable as many laptops, yet they can still function as standard tablets. This versatility is central to their appeal and success.”





  • Highest incidence of accessory use among tablets


Microsoft Surface users have the highest incidences of accessory use, which underscores the device’s versatility. These accessories include a stylus (48% vs. 27% industry average); physical keyboard (51% vs. 14%); and mouse (27% vs. 6%), all of which have higher satisfaction.



The conclusion that can be drawn here as J.D Power suggests is that, more and more customers of Microsoft’s accessories are happy and feel satisfied with the quality, usability and efficiency of their products compared to the their competitors’ accessories.





  • Highest ratings for variety of I/O connectivity and internal storage


Microsoft also achieves the highest ratings in these features attributes: variety of input/output (I/O) connectivity and amount of internal storage available.


What this means is,


The very components that make up the Surface tablets works seamlessly together  and much more efficient compared to its competitors as it received higher ratings from its users.


Let’s break it down even further..



I/O Connectivity


Since most of what you do with a computer is input – output, from typing a sentence on your keyboard into your Word which then spits out the sentence in your screen, or to printing that sentence using a printer, are all I/O operations.


I/O connectivity is simply means to describe how all of these components come and function as one whole unit together, the connectivity, the easiness without not many bugs interfering with that process and how it seamlessly carries out your day to day tasks.


Users of Surface tablets have found that the I/O connectivity with the Surface Tablets fared well compared to the likes of its competitors.




Internal Storage


Another aspect is it’s internal storage. That includes your internal hard drive, which is your primary storage device used to store all your documents, photos, and apps on your tablet.


Take a look at this infographic.


Microsoft Surface buyers felt more satisfied than iPad owners



You’ll find that the Surface Pro 4 beats the iPad Pro when it comes to available data storages ranging from 128GB all the way to 1TB compared to the iPad’s 32GB to 128GB.


Simply put, the bigger the internal storages available, the higher the customer satisfaction.


And besides..


Who doesn’t like having a little bit more storage on their tablets?





  • Highest on the ‘attractiveness of tablet design’ category


I have a feeling Jony Ive won’t like having to know this..


Microsoft has the highest performance in three styling & design attributes: size of tablet; quality of materials used; and attractiveness of tablet design. Microsoft continues to achieve the highest rating in the remaining styling & design attribute of location of non-display buttons controls.


This great video by Marques should sum it up for you.



You and I both know that Apple pretty much dominates when it comes design, but that’s not quiet the case now..


It’s surprising to find that Microsoft had the highest scores with the styling and design features which goes on to show that it’s either Apple’s design had not been really creative lately, or that Microsoft has upped their design game to show that companies now can compete in an area where Apple had their hands gripped tightly around for so long.





  • Data plans increase satisfaction


Nearly one-third (32%) of customers have a data plan with their tablet.

Overall satisfaction among customers with a data plan is 863 vs. 834 among those without such a plan.



This goes on to show that a commitment such as to a data plan does happen to increase user’s satisfaction with the tablet, indirectly providing an increase in usability of the tablet as well.
Finally, the biggest reason would have to be..





  • Lower price and past experience


Microsoft’s pricing of their Surface accessories, such as for their Surface Pen ($60) and the keyboard ($129), are way cheaper compared to what Apple prices their iPad accessories like their Apple Pencil ($99) and their keyboard ($149 for 9.7-inch iPad Pro and $169 for 12.9-inch iPad Pro), which has had a great influence when it came for users to decide between the two.


J.D. Power found that

Lower price and past experience are the most commonly cited reasons for tablet selection among customers (22% each).


Which is also the reason why Apple, in hopes to regain their top stop, reduced the price for their new 9.7 inch iPad to be priced at $329.


But if you were to take a closer look you’ll find that,


The iPads are really not doing that bad and it’s more or so quiet the opposite..


It might seem that Apple’s iPad sales are at a decline for the past several years, but new data is showing that if you were to remove the iPad mini sales, there’s actually some growth that can be seen.


Microsoft Surface buyers felt more satisfied than iPad owners


As Above Avalon suggests citing the Fiksu data shown above

For the past four years, we have seen various theories put forth to explain the significant drop in iPad sales. Longer upgrade cycles, larger iPhones, inferior software, lack of professional apps, and even poor Apple storytelling have been given as factors driving iPad sales weakness […] Instead, the iPad’s problem has been the iPad mini.


Yet again, you and I will have to wait and see if Apple’s latest strategy of marketing and pricing of their new low-price entry model iPads does brighten their future.





  • For Productivity and Beyond


No matter what reason you bought your iPad or your Surface tablet or any other tablet in the vast myriad of the tablet universe, one thing is for sure is we value productivity more than anything else.


Yes you are right, it’s unfair to compare the likes of the Surface Pro 4 with the iPad Pro because one is more like a laptop than a tablet and the other is more of a tablet than a laptop.


When you’re talking about productivity, it really comes to how much and what productivity you need, whether you’ll need a laptop-like experience or a tablet-like experience.


But the Surface tablets has had a greater usability for its users for their daily productivity which is pretty obvious since you can do more with a laptop-tablet than tablet-laptop (you get the idea)


As J.D. Power says,

Microsoft owners have the highest incidence of saying “very important” for jobs related to productivity. These include browsing the internet (90% vs. 75% industry average); emailing (76% vs. 61%); word processing (63% vs. 30%); and mobile payments banking (53% vs. 40%).





  • the younger ones


This was quiet an interesting find..


According to the analysis carried out by J.D Power you’ll find that Microsoft had a younger average age for its tablet users than any of their competitors.


Not only that,


Remember when I talked about above that past experiences is one the most influential factors for customers?


The study also showed that Microsoft’s customers are more likely to be early adopters of their tablets, which makes sense since they are willing to stick with it longer, which increases their overall satisfaction compared to their competitors.


Again, this is also why Apple has been playing carefully with this in their marketing schemes to market their new iPads ads by featuring mostly young adults in hopes to cater for a larger base of the younger generation.





Look at the bright side


One thing is for sure, as J.D. Power says, that users everywhere are happier with tablets of all kinds than they were six months ago.



Which tablet do you use, and what made you choose to go for it?  🙂