I have a confession.


I love watching videos of little puppies  Snapchat Stories Search  whenever I am alone.


With Snapchat stories now searchable, I guess there’s a high chance that I’ll be a ‘puppy addict’.



You can search for any story whether that’d be little puppies, last night’s NBA game, or even how you can stuff a turkey; basically whatever you desire.


All you have to do is just add your stories to Snapchat’s Our Story group montage for it to be searchable. 🙂





Take a look


Snapchat released a video that might give you a better idea of how it works.






Doesn’t this go against Snap-Chat?


What do you see?


You see something that is totally what goes against the whole philosophy of why Snapchat was even created..


Which is an environment for you and your friends to have fun, send snaps, get to know what the other person is doing and show off your own cool things that you’re enjoying each day.


But if you were to take a second closer observation, you’ll find that the main option for Chat is still prioritized as it is above Stories as you can see in the thumbnail of the video above.


Which is great to be honest, since Snapchat is not making the mistake of jeopardizing their own purpose of what made them great in the first place.



An update to make you feel at home wherever you may be


You can also see that there’s a new update that also revolves around Stories ‘around me’ as well as ‘local attractions’


This feature really might just be a hit or miss feature, since you know it’s either you’re going to use it or if not it’s just going to be chucked into the dumpster anytime soon if it doesn’t really leave a lasting impression on its users.






Delve Deep into the World of Snaps


Snap wants you to take advantage of all the amazing photos and videos it receives and help you get hypnotized and lost into the world of snaps.


You find yourself getting lost everyday into YouTube, Facebook or Instagram,


but never Snapchat.




Since most of the time you only use it if you want to post and send snaps to your friends or check out theirs.



Ask yourself..


When was the last time you even checked out the Stories?



Simply put,


Snapchat wants you to spend more time with it.








You know you’re on a trail of copycats when you check on your Facebook, your Instagram, your Whatsapp when they all start to look like Snapchat clones.


Snapchat Stories Search
Messenger, Facebook and Instagram all have Stories. You can also add WhatsApp to that as well. (¬‿¬)



Zuckerberg’s Facebook has certainly been giving a hard time for Snap.


Not to mention,


This update has come at a time where Snap is desperate as they hope their X-factor which what sets them apart from Facebook and their other competitors, which is their already curated snaps and unique Stories by users like you and me, would give them the uniqueness and leverage again like how they’d use to.



History Speaks


It was way back in October 2013,


When Snapchat, which back then was a much smaller app compared to what it is today, created the Stories.


They were the first with My Stories which allowed you and I Snapchat users to collect and stitch our photos and our videos together that would each last only for 24 hours.



Then it was in June 2014 when Snapchat released Our Story,


Which brought the world closer,  allowing users to submit to a story which was then curated whether that’d be from the first Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) followed by the FIFA World Cup 2014 to festivals, concerts, the Oscars and even your special little town to be featured.


Our Stories has since then been an integral part of what Snapchat strives to be, having opened up the geofences around us.



Here’s an infographic on the timeline of Snapchat. 🙂


Snapchat Stories Search



Snapchat is doing good and being backed by a great team, that includes all the professional journalists, there are the ones that you and I would have to thank for curating the Stories around particular events and locations such as the Election Night and the Battle of the Mosul.


I would have to say,


If there’s one thing Facebook can’t copy then that would be the creativity and ingenuity to create, that the team over at Snap does each day.






How does it really work?


Much of the new update especially the way it categorizes all the stories as you search for, is based upon machine learning.


Snapchat further explained that the machine learning algorithms are specifically analyzing


  • caption text
  • time
  • visual elements


This makes it easier for them to recognize and find out whether there are inappropriate photos that violate Snap’s terms and conditions floating around such as porn or violence.



Snap’s acquisition of Vurb gave birth to this


Snap’s acquisition of Vurb,  a search app for smartphones, has certainly played a huge role helping come up with this new search features.






Can I use it now?


For now it is only available in certain cities


The Stories search will be updated in real time so that it gives you a fresh new set of stories for you to immerse in every time.



Snapchat Stories Search




It will only be available, for now, in select cities, until then I’ll keep you updated when it does come to your area soon here. 🙂






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Snapchat Stories Search