There we were, thinking that after a disastrous, explosive fiesta (kind of like that end to Fight Club) that Samsung organised for us with their Note 7s, you and I were so sure that whatever Samsung was planning next was not going to be well received.


I mean come on, the whole party was so popular that right before every time you take off to go on a flight, they specifically tell you that ‘Note 7s are not allowed on this flight’.


But boy you and I were wrong.


Samsung knew they were on a bad run (assuming they watch their daily news headlines) but they went all in and decided to rub it in all of our faces and took even more risk by creating another extraordinary great product (their Galaxy S8 Plus) featuring quiet possibly the first ever 6.2-inch screen on any smartphone ever.


And has taking this much of risk by Samsung in the end prove that it was all worth while?


Keep reading.





Galaxy S8 Plus took up 53.9% of all the sales


According to a report from Yuanta Securities Korea Co. the annual sales of the Galaxy S8 smartphones are expected to reach 50.4 million units, with the Galaxy S8 Plus taking up 53.9 percent, or 27.1 million units.


This means that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus priced at $850 (with the Galaxy S8 at $750) both of which comes with the free GearVR, have been successful enough to own more than half of the total accounted sales for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 series.





The trend for bigger continues


Yuanta Securities Korea Co. also states that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will outsell the regular Galaxy S8.


It’s quiet obvious as you can see, not only based upon this report, but just about every smartphone out there has been getting bigger and having more wider screens.


Industry watchers are saying too that there’s a rising demand for bigger and wider screens and that more and more users these days are using their smartphones for watching video content, or playing games.






Samsung DeX: A way to use your Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus as your personal computer


Featuring a bezel-less, giant 6.2 inch (and the smaller 5.8 inch) displays certainly helps whenever you want to use your Galaxy S8 (or S8 Plus) as your own computer using Samsung’s deX.


According to the industry watchers they added that this has been one of the reasons why more people instead opted for the larger model especially the version with 128GB data capacity.





It took five years for the average screen size to get from 3″ to 4″, but only two more to get to the current average of 5


Face it.


It’s just going to get bigger.


If you take a look at the infographic below on the increasing average screen sizes on new smartphones over the past few years, you can see the increasing curve and it is predicted to continue go about doing so, well towards the future.


More People are buying the Samsung S8 Plus than the Samsung S8







But what’s interesting is that the war with bezels will still continue to go on, and as you and I have seen the almost non-existent bezels on the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, it’s pretty likely over the next few years we might even witness the extinction of the bezels as a whole.


More People are buying the Samsung S8 Plus than the Samsung S8





Samsung leads


And who’s leading this fight for bigger bezel-less screens towards the future?


You guessed it!




They went bigger way before even the market went bigger.


More People are buying the Samsung S8 Plus than the Samsung S8





Apple lags


That is not to say you can discount Apple from ever being a leader in this fight,



Because if you take a look at the infographic below, Apple was leading the market at one point, but after July 2010, a change in strategy has seen them taking a step back from their overall competition.


More People are buying the Samsung S8 Plus than the Samsung S8




This article by Alex Barrera is well worth a read. 🙂





Here’s why you should go bigger by getting the Samsung S8 Plus than the Samsung S8


For some,

they may prefer more compact-like phones like for instance Apple’s iPhone 7 or the Google Pixel (below)…


More People are buying the Samsung S8 Plus than the Samsung S8



And for others, they may prefer the bigger screens on their smartphones…

More People are buying the Samsung S8 Plus than the Samsung S8


But the one reason (or many) why you would consider going for the bigger is that:

The more bigger the phones are these days, the better hardware and features you are going to get since bigger phones have a much bigger space for your components like for a bigger battery (take a look at Motorola’s Moto Z Play) and better cameras (take a look at the iPhone 7 Plus’s dual camera) which are a few of the many more notable examples.


Yes, although it comes with a price where at times you might struggle to put in your pockets, you gotta admit it gives you more work space for you to work with, get things done faster, and overall more freedom for you having not to worry about your battery dying halfway through the day.


And sometimes it’s well worth the extra $100 you are going to pay for a much bigger elusive experience.
Especially if you’re gonna talk about Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus.



Which one do you prefer: the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8 Plus and why? 🙂








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