You grab your iPhone, you grab your charging cable and you try plugging in to charge your phone, but wait…


This is weird..


You keep trying by plugging in by switching and twisting your charging cable each time hoping it might make a difference.


It wasn’t like this…


“I swear it was charging alright this morning (or yesterday) but I don’t know why but my iPhone won’t charge.”




You haven’t tried everything, not just yet.





How to Fix When iPhone Won’t Charge: 5 Ways


Make sure that you go from 1-5 accordingly.


1.  Hard Reset Your iPhone


The very first thing you should always do, if you find that your iPhone won’t charge, is to hard reset your iPhone. By hard resetting your iPhone you can check for any software malfunction before jumping into checking any of the hardware. This is because it is your iPhone’s software that allows it to charge not it’s hardware.


Here’s how you can hard reset your iPhone,


Step 1:  Press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button together (iPhone 7 and newer) or the Power button and the Home button together (iPhone 6S and older). Keep holding both of it down together until you see the Apple logo appear on your screen, then let go.


Now try charging your iPhone once again. If you still find that your iPhone won’t charge, then move on to the next few methods. 





2.  Check Your Lightning Cable For Any Damage


Go on grab your charging cable.


Got it? Alright now take a very close look at both sides of the that one end of the cable you use to plug into your iPhone to charge it with.


iPhone Won't Charge
This is what I’m talking about. 



See any signs of wear? If yes, then it’s time for you to get a new Lightning cable.




Hold on now, How can I tell if whether my lightning cable is the reason why my iPhone won’t charge?


If you find there’s no visible wear and tear on your lightning cable then there’s two ways you can go about checking this to really make sure:


1.  Try charging your iPhone by plugging it into your computer instead of using the wall Adapter


If you already tried charging using your computer, then now try plugging into your wall adapter. 


If it works in one place but not the other then your cable isn’t the problem. 




2.  Try charging your iPhone using your friend’s cable


This is the best way to find out whether you have a bad cable.


If you find that your iPhone does manage to charge with your friend’s cable then there you go.


Now you know that it is because of a faulty cable that your iPhone couldn’t charge. 🙂





3.  Brush The Gunk Out Of Your iPhone’s Charging Port


Go ahead and grab a flashlight and take a look at your charging port in the bottom of your iPhone.


iPhone Won't Charge
This is what I’m talking about.



Now if you see any debris or junk in there, then that might be what’s preventing your lightning cable from making a solid connection with your iPhone.


And just so you know, in your charging port there are about 9 connectors in there, and if at anytime any one of these is blocked by junk or debris that has accumulated inside it can prevent your iPhone from not charging at all.


Which is why you are going to need to clean your charging port by brushing it gently with a soft brush that does conduct any electricity.


iPhone Won't Charge




Got your brush? Alright let’s get this over with.


Step 1:  Grab your soft brush and then gently brush out your iPhone’s charging port. Take your time. Keep gently brushing whilst using your handy flashlight to see if there are any junk left inside your charging port.


Once you’re done, try charging your iPhone again. 🙂




If not then there’s one last thing you haven’t checked out yet before you go on any further..


Have you dropped any water or some kind of liquid on to your iPhone in the past few days?




Then there’s a pretty high chance it could be liquid damage (which could be why your iPhone won’t charge). 


Basically what happens is, remember the 9 connectors that I told you about earlier where you can find inside your charging port?




If any liquid touches these connections, you basically just roasted your connections faster than Ross and Rachel from breaking up. (I hate to spoil it for you).


So even if you tried drying the charging port and tried brushing it until its spotless, you can’t do anything about it if these connections are spoiled.


So what can you do?


Jump to 5 and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do.





4.  Put your iPhone into DFU Mode and Restore


So I’m guessing your iPhone still doesn’t charge right?


Not to worry, there is still one last option that may still work.



Make sure that you backup your iPhone into iTunes before going any further.



What you’re going to do is a thing called DFU Restore. (It’s a fancy term for factory reset). 


Basically it resets your iPhone back to how it was when you first got it. So yes, that means it will erase everything that is in your iPhone right now.


Now you might hesitate to what I say, saying 

“I’m sure the guys over at the Apple Store knows how to fix this without erasing all of my data”. 


But the thing is, every time no matter what the problem you bring to them is, if they see it as a damaged iPhone they’ll always do a DFU restore before proceeding to the hardware fix.


And yes most of the time they charge you a fee for just doing something you could have done in your underwear back home.


So you might as well save your precious time and the cost with a trip to the store by doing it yourself.


It’s pretty simple. 🙂


Step 1:  Go ahead and plug in your iPhone into your computer and open your iTunes. (It doesn’t matter if your iPhone is on or off)



Step 2:  Press and hold the Power button and your Home button together for 8 seconds.



Step 3:  After the 8 seconds, release the Power button but continue to keep holding down the Home button  until you see that iTunes shows “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode”.



Step 4:  Now let go of the Home button. Your iPhone’s screen should be completely black, which means that you’ve successfully entered DFU Mode. (If it is not, try again from the beginning)



Step 5:  From here, you can restore your iPhone using iTunes.


iPhone Won't Charge




Hopefully it works, if not then it’s time. 


Keep reading. 





5.  Time to call the geeks


If you have tried all of the above and you still find that it does not charge, then you really should pay a visit to your nearest Apple Store and get your iPhone repaired.




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