My mum always reminds me

“If you don’t take off your Headphones, there’s a high chance that it’s either you going to be deaf, or you’re iPhone’s going to be deaf”



So like I always do, I didn’t really care much.


Days went on,

and come to think of it, it wasn’t really that long ago..



It was one gloomy Friday, I was at home, listening to my Spotify using my headphones, and it came at one point when I wanted to place a call to my friend, so I had to unplug the headphones..


Suddenly I hear nothing..


For a second I thought I actually went deaf..

I snap my fingers near both of my ears to check whether I really did, but thankfully I wasn’t (you know the amount of trouble that I would get into)



So what I did was I checked my iPhone whether it produced any sounds like whilst typing on the keyboard or whether it played any ringtones,

But again it was as quiet as how your dates go about..


Then I came to find out that my iPhone got stuck on headphones mode when I saw this cowbell-like symbol saying Headphones underneath it,


iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode


What did I do?

I tried these 13 simple ways that I’m about to show you, and I’m sure it will fix your iPhone stuck in headphones mode too. 🙂



Did it work?

You can say it worked, but Obama wiretapped me and told my mom.





iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode: 12 Ways



1.  Remove your iPhone’s case


Make sure that you remove your iPhone’s case and check if that does the trick.


Most of the time, it could just be that your iPhone’s case could be blocking the pathway to the audio jack, which then causes your iphone to remain stuck in Headphones mode.






2.  Turn your iPhone off and back on again


Even if you find that you remove your iPhone’s case and it still remains stuck in Headphones mode, then what you can do is turn your iPhone off and back on again to make sure that the problem does not lie in your software.


Now I’m going to go with the fact that you actually know how to turn off your iPhone and back on again.






3.  Plug in and out


Yeah I know, you already tried it so many times, but it’s still worth a shot.


Try plugging in your headphones and out a few more times, as sometimes your iOS can forget that your headphones were disconnected.


One thing you should make sure when you plug in, is you should be able to hear the audio clearly on your headphones.


Once you are pretty sure it works all great, only then should you slowly stop the audio, clear your history (by double tapping your home button and make sure no background apps are running) and then firmly plug out your headphones.






4.  Try another pair of headphones


Different headphones have different configurations.


So if you do have the original Apple’s EarPods (and I really mean the originals, not the fakes) then go ahead and give that a go.


Whichever brand of headphones you’re using, certain types or brands may not go well with your iPhone.


It’s completely fine if you do not have the original Apple earpods, any of the headphones would do, however, as long as it is compatible.






5.  Go AirPlane Mode  iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode


Going AirPlane mode is kinda like going offline except you don’t really turn off your iPhone altogether.


I’ll show you how you can do that (if you never did before)


Step 1:  Go onto your iPhone and then swipe up from the bottom of your Home screen to open your Control Center



Step 2:  Then tap  iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode




Another Way


Step 1:  You can also go onto your Settings and then turn on your Airplane Mode by tapping the slider to turn it on. 🙂


Give it a good 15 minutes or so in Airplane mode and then turn it back on to see if you speakers are working again.






6.  Use a Bluetooth speaker


I know what your thinking,

How is this any different from the way you manually plug in and out using the headphones?
You see,


If you’re stuck on Headphones mode as a result of your plug in headphones or earpods then you can easily undo it if you use a Bluetooth speaker or headphones as they work without the need to plug in them (in short, they’re wireless)


So when you connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, your iPhone will recognize the Bluetooth device and will also know when you disconnect it (since you’re not unplugging it manually which can sometimes be confusing to your iPhone).


This is a pretty neat trick you can do and all you will only need is either a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones that you have lying around.


Once you have that, all you have to do is connect your iPhone to your Bluetooth speaker or the Bluetooth headphones and then disconnect it. 🙂






7.  Look inside your iPhone


One idiot asked me,


“how am I supposed to use the torch on my iPhone whilst I’m looking inside the hole in my iPhone?”


You can go under the street lamp and try there.


Or you could turn on some lights around your house (if you have lights), or you could light up one of those flaming torches you might see in Indiana Jones.


Whatever light source you have, just use it to take a look inside your headphone jack, and look for whether if there is any dirt stuck inside it, as this might be what’s causing your iPhone to be stuck in Headphones Mode. 🙂


I’ll show you how can clean your iPhone if you do find some debris in there with the next method.
Keep reading.






8.  I’m going in! Cover me


Think of it like a game of Operation.


So you are going to need to be very gentle, and if you mess up this by poking it too hard or hitting one of the fragile components, then, all I can say is that your iPhone will probably meet Steve Jobs before you do.



I am not liable if anything does happen to your iPhone.




I’ll show how you can clean your iPhone safely with these three simple tools.



  • Cotton Buds


iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

You have cotton buds lying around right?

I’m sure you do…


Grab one and use it to clean inside your headphone jack gently.


Since they’re soft you don’t really have to worry about it being harmful.







  • The BIC Pen


Ahh the BIC Pen..

This is a pretty neat trick and it works well to grab all that debris that might be found in your Headphone jack.



The fate of your pen will rest in your hands.



Here’s how you can use a BIC pen to remove debris from inside your iPhone’s headphone jack.


Step 1:  Grab any standard BIC pens that you have lying around, and remove the cap.



Step 2:  Now try and pull the pen tip from its plastic casing. It will be much easier if you use pliers to pull it.

The tip is the one that you use to write with, attached to a circular plastic cartridge that contains the ink.



iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

Step 3:  You’re doing great! Now all you will need is the opposite end of the cartridge as it is the perfect size to remove all the annoying debris from inside your iPhone’s headphone jack.



Step 4:  Just go ahead and insert the end into your iPhone’s headphone jack and gently twist it to loosen the debris, then once you’re done just shake it out of your iPhone.


That’s it! 🙂





  • Blow into it


Another way is for you to blow into the headphone jack.

Just give it a gentle blow and then try shaking it to get rid of the debris out of your iPhone’s headphone jack.


You can also try using a can of compressed air to blow air directly into your iPhone’s headphone jack.

Even if you can’t see anything stuck inside, using compressed air can loosen tiny debris that might be clogging up your iPhone’s headphone jack.


All you have to is just be gentle by starting from the outside (rather than sticking the hose all the way into your iPhone’s headphone jack) and then only should you work your way in.






9.  Update your iOS


By making sure to keep your iOS updated, you’ll prevent software related bugs and problems from ever coming up.


All you have to do is just follow these simple steps to get your iPhone updated and then you’re good to go. 🙂


Step 1:  On your iPhone’s home screen, Click on your Settings



Step 2:  Now once you’re in, Select General






Step 3:  Next, Click on Software Update. Give your iPhone a few seconds or so for it to check for any new updates.


iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode




Step 4:  If there are updates, follow through with the update. Once you’re done it should fix your iPhone being stuck in Headphones mode. If this doesn’t do the trick, then you know it’s something that’s got to do with the hardware side of your iPhone.

(You can proceed above to know how you can clean the Headphone jack as this might do the trick, if that too doesn’t do the trick, go on to the last method)


iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode






10.  Change your iPhone’s Settings


Did you know?

💡  There’s actually a setting that deals with where audio is heard during phone calls and FaceTime audio calls



I’ll show you how you can get there and make the changes that’ll fix your iPhone.


Step 1:  Head over to your Settings, and then General.



Step 2:  Next select Accessibility



Step 3:  Scroll down until you see Interaction



Step 4:  Keep Scrolling, until you see Call Audio Routing



Step 5:  Sweet! Now all you have to do is just make sure it is set to Automatic, if yours is not then choose Automatic from the list.

Now if you already find that it is already set to Automatic and it is still not working, then try and test by setting it to Speaker.


To check if this did the trick, all you have to do is just place a call or a Facetime audio call, and then see for yourself if your speaker works.

If it does, then just go back to this same setting and change it back to Automatic. 🙂






11.  Put your iPhone in DFU mode


If you find that none of the above methods work to fix your iPhone stuck in Headphones mode then it’s pretty likely you might have a corruption in your iPhone’s iOS itself.


Let me ask you,


Have you jailbroken your iPhone?



Then there lies the problem.

You see since you made some tweaks here and there from Cydia, this can sometimes change your system files in your iPhone altogether.


So what’s the solution?

You should go for a DFU mode restore for your iPhone, or even an update from DFU mode.


This should patch up all the corrupted iOS files and the files will be replaced with new ones that should get your iPhone running as good as Forrest Gump.




Both recovery mode and DFU mode are different. If you want to know more about the differences head over to what the guys over at Engadget had to say on iPhone: What is DFU mode and what’s the difference between recovery mode?




Here’s how you can put your iPhone into DFU mode.


Step 1:  Go ahead and hold the Power Button on your iPhone for 3 seconds.


Step 2:  Keep holding the power button and  now you have to also hold the home button for 15 seconds.


Step 3:  Release the power button while continuing to hold the home button for another 10 seconds.


Step 4:  Alright! Now Your device should prompt with the Connect to iTunes Screen


Step 5:  Now plug in your iPhone into your computer and open your iTunes. It will either prompt to restore and update or you can manually restore using the following steps.




iOS Restore Steps


Before you restore your iPhone using DFU mode, make sure that you:


  • Verify whether you are using the latest version of iTunes.
  • Backup your iPhone.
  • Transfer and sync content from your iPhone to your computer.




Restoring your iPhone


Step 1:  Go ahead and Connect your iPhone to your computer.


Step 2:  Now select your iPhone when it appears in your iTunes. Select the Summary tab, and then click the Restore button.


Step 3:  Click Restore.


Step 4:  After you have finished with your restore, your iPhone will restart. Then, you should see Slide to set up. From here on, follow the steps in the iOS Setup Assistant.


Step 5:  You can always restore your device from a previous backup if you need it. 🙂






12.  Who are you going to call? Ghostbusters!


Nah I am kidding,


Well if none of the above ways did work for you then it’s time to contact the geeks at Apple Support or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. 🙂


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