Google Brain, AI

Google Brain, a part of the research division of Alphabet, (Google’s parent company) into artificial intelligence, has recently achieved to fully compose a song.

Now surprisingly, Google’s AI can now allow computers to keep encrypted messages and files from us.

And this was the result of an experiment carried out by Google’s Deep Learning Project which shows that neural networks, also known as neural nets, could work without any human intervention.

This has been one of the fundamental principles behind the whole Deep Learning that AI machines can carry out, unlike Machine Learning where machines depend on human intervention.

That is pretty cool, I must say, but here’s where it gets impressive yet a bit strange, the researchers didn’t teach the computers cryptographic algorithms. Instead, they just perfected the three neural nets taking part in the communication experiment.




Here’s how they did it

The three neural nets were given names Alice, Bob, and Eve.

Their entire task was for just Alice to send a message to Bob and to keep that message content a secret from Eve. (I’m guessing Bob slept with Alice behind Eve’s back)

So on their own, Bob and Alice learned how to handle the encrypted data. And once Alice had sent the message to Bob, Bob’s job was to decode it while Eve tried to eavesdrop.

You must be asking, how did Alice even do that? Well, all Alice just did was to convert the plain text that it received to cipher text. Even after all of this was intercepted, only Bob could read it and no one else can.


It took a few tries, for Bob and Alice to get good at sending the secret messages. With Alice’s encryption strategy and Bob’s decryption skills, even after a whopping 15,000 tries, Eve could decrypt just 8 of the 16 bits of Alice’s message.

The study was published on arXiv, and it proves that AI with Google Brain’s new Deep Learning approach would be able to carry out in the future, more sophisticated encryption by computing with neural nets.

It is inevitable, in the future, AI will dominate a lot of our daily tasks, and we are finding ourselves just at the brink of how intelligent AI can really get.



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