You grab your Kindle and you head over to your App Store to go for that one app you’d hoped to get your hands on for quiet some time now…


But hang on..


The moment you try tapping on the Download button…


You find that the app (or the book)  that you wanted so badly couldn’t be downloaded.. 


Yeah as far as I can say, It is indeed frustrating but…


You’re definitely not alone 🙂


I’ll show you six bulletproof ways on how to fix a Kindle ebook that’s not downloading.






How to Fix A Kindle Ebook That’s Not Downloading: 6 Ways



1.  Shut down and Restart Your Device


This fixes most problems. 🙂





2.  Disconnect and Reconnect back Your Wireless Connection


Once you’ve disconnected and reconnected back your Wireless Connection to your Kindle, now all you have to do is just check if your wireless connection does indeed work. 





3.  Delete and Redownload Your App or Book


If you find that your app or your book that you’ve just downloaded gets stuck downloading halfway through then here’s what you do:


Step 1:  Select your app and Delete it from your Kindle app or your device.


Step 2:  Done? Alright. Now try downloading it back from the cloud section.


If you are unsure about anything or if you find that it still doesn’t work for you then comment down below





4.  Manage Your Content and Devices setting


Here’s what you do:


Step 1:  Head to Manage Your Content and Devices page over at Amazon.


Step 2:  Now find the book or app that you find it won’t download and then select Actions.


Step 3:  Next choose to Deliver that to a specific device of yours. You can also choose to download and transfer it to your device from your computer using a USB cable.





5.  Check Your Digital Orders


If the book or the app that you were trying to download doesn’t appear in Your Content and Devices, then here’s what you do:


Step 1:  Check and make sure that the book or the app that you were trying to download was indeed completed by heading over to Amazon.


Step 2:  Once you’re in Amazon, check Your Orders and then Digital Orders.





6.  Contact Amazon or Comment Below


If you tried all of the above and you still find that none of which does the trick, then you can always get a hold of Amazon, or even comment down below. 🙂




Illustration By Ryan Chapman




Share this guide with your Kindle buddies and help save their Kindles too. 🙂



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