I don’t know why but I prefer Night Mode.


It’s as if like the moment you turn on your Night Mode, you can almost hear your eyes give an audible ‘sigh’.


Do you ever get that too?




What’s more, Twitter recently launched their Night Mode feature for all  of our desktop Twitter accounts. 






Which means, if you’re using Twitter on your computer, you can actually turn on Night Mode on your Twitter account .


I’ll show you how you can turn this Night Mode feature on your Twitter account in just 3 little simple steps. 🙂





How to Enable Night Mode on Twitter on PC: 3 Simple Steps



Step 1:  Head over to Twitter on your PC and sign into your account. 


enable night mode on twitter on PC





Step 2:  Done? Great! Now tap on your profile icon which is to your top right hand corner.


enable night mode on twitter on PC





Step 3:  Now all that you have to do just tap on Night Mode.


enable night mode on twitter on PC









Illustration by TheNextWeb


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