You just forgot your Apple ID and you want to change it so that you don’t have to go through this shit amount of trouble again.


It can be a nuisance..


I know..




Because I myself have changed my Apple ID email address about 20 times. (Don’t ask me why, But if there was a Guinness world record for the most changes, I’ll be up there among the greats)



Here’s how you can change your email address Apple ID this very second.


Step 1:  Head over to from a web browser on your iPhone or your iPad, your Mac or your PC.



Step 2:  Now enter your Apple ID and password then tap the arrow to log in.



Step 3:  Here is where you’ll be needing to Verify who you are, that is either by answering the security questions or entering the verification code that was sent to your trusted device.



It really depends if you have a two-factor authentication enabled to make your account more secure



Step 4:  With that out of the way, in your Account area, select Edit.


Change Email Address Apple ID
Credit goes to iMore for the screenshots. 🙂





Step 5:  Tap on Change Email Address. Now enter your new email address.


Change Email Address Apple ID





Step 6:  Once you’re done with that, click on Continue. You will find that a verification code will be sent to you to your new email address.



Step 7:  All that is left now for you to do is just open the email from Apple, click on the Verify Email Address link and enter in that verification code which you just got into at


Change Email Address Apple ID



That’s it! 🙂





What you should do if your email address is already being used with an Apple ID


Now if you do see a warning that the email that you’re trying to change is already in use with an Apple ID,


Well then it’s already in use.


That means even if you don’t remember when was the last time you even created an Apple ID with it, or if you’ve never ever created it in the first place then you are going to need follow these steps to fix it.




You’ll need these

  • a new email address (the one that you want to change to)
  • the email account linked with your active Apple ID (the want you want to change from)
  • a thrashy email address (one you don’t use and has not been ever used for any Apple IDs)


I’ll explain why you’ll need this later, but for now you won’t be needing it.


Keep reading.



1.  Get the password for the Apple ID linked with the email you want to change to


Step 1:  First, go ahead from your web browser

You are going to need access to the Apple ID that you want to change the email address for because you’re going to need to access that email address to get the confirmation code.

Which is why you’ll be going the ‘forgot password method’ to get the password first for the Apple ID you want to change, only then could you change the email .



Step 2:  Now Enter the new Email Address that you want to change from.




Step 3:  Next, type in the CAPTCHA. Then, Select Continue.


Change Email Address Apple ID





Step 4:  Select I need to reset my password, and then Continue.


Change Email Address Apple ID





Step 5:  Select Get an email, and then Continue.


Change Email Address Apple ID





Step 6:  Head over to the email address where the email is sent and then select to Reset now.



Step 7:  Finish off by adding your new password, and then tap Reset Password.


Change Email Address Apple ID



That’s it! 🙂




2.  Here’s where you’ll need to change the email linked with the Apple ID that is inactive


Now all you have to do is just follow the first main steps (on this page) by entering into your active Apple ID and with the password that you just got access to and to change the email for.


Now you might be thinking where the heck am I suppose to use the thrashy email for?


Well, here’s why.


The reason is because you can’t just leave an Apple ID empty without an email address which is why you have to use a thrashy email address (or you can create a new one) for this.


So follow the first set of steps you see above this page and change the email address from the email address you want, to the one that you don’t want.


Only then will the email address that you want be freed up for you to use,


Which brings you to your next and final step…




3.  Time to go back and change your active Apple ID email


Now that you have the email address that you wanted, all you have to is just follow the same steps as above (again the main steps above this page) to change the email address linked with your Apple ID.
It should work for you now with the email address that you wanted.





What to do if you entered the wrong email address when you created an Apple ID


It’s alright if you made a mistake when you first created your Apple ID.


You might have mistakenly entered your email wrongly, or you might have an incorrect spelling or whatever.


Just follow the steps (again, the top most main steps on this page) to change the email address associated with your Apple ID.


But make sure that you sign in using the incorrect email address (the one you made a mistake with, since Apple only recognises that).


Once you have signed in and changed your email address, you can go grab that popcorn that you have left in your microwave and jump onto your couch and watch Better Call Saul.

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