Unless if you were awake at 3AM in your undies shopping online for the iPhone X the moment it was out then you’re going to need to look to December to get your hands on one.


It could have been so much worse.

The iPhone X was sold out within minutes. Although to much surprise it’s not as bad as all of us we thought it would be and here’s why: After months of rumors that went around saying that the iPhone X stock would be severely limited, it was very much expected that to get an iPhone X it would take you sometime in early 2018 or even later.

As of now Apple Stores in the US, UK, China, Japan and anywhere else shows it would take around five to six weeks for it to ship.


apple iphone x delivery dates delays


Whilst in Hong Kong it simply says “Currently Unavailable”.

apple iphone x delivery dates delays

Going for that colour? Chances are everyone else is going to as well. 

Each and every year when a new iPhone is released there’s always that one colour which everybody wants. Last year it was iPhone 7’s Jet Black finish which actually took Apple six to eight weeks for them to restock. But right now that seems the least of the problems that Apple has and for the iPhone X it’s starting to look like one of its other siblings had when it came out last year at this very point of time …



Remember how Apple’s AirPods were in such limited supply when it first came out?

Apple’s AirPods were introduced on September 7th 2016 alongside the iPhone 7 and Apple had originally planned to release them in late October. But after months of them being on sale with six week shipping delays, it only arrived in stores earlier this year. This very much could follow suit with the iPhone X.



Reports suggest that the new OLED display and Face ID components are to blame.

Apple’s new OLED display for the iPhone X has been the talk of various reports suggesting that is to be blamed for causing this delay. This is because they are relying on Samsung to produce enough displays and many other partners to produce reliable Face ID components.

A report from Bloomberg earlier this week suggested about how Apple’s suppliers are struggling to create reliable Face ID components, but Apple branded the reporting as “completely false”.



It will be weeks, if not months from now.

You’ll have to wait weeks, if not months to get your hands on the iPhone X in stores on a regular basis but on the brighter side of all this it could have been a lot worse than what we’re seeing now.  Until then we will have to wait for the sales numbers to know whether the better than expected availability is due to not many people not showing an interest in Apple’s 10th Anniversary iPhone or whether it’s just Apple hitting the production gears faster than what analysts originally expected.