You wonder

“Is there any way I can get the Google Play Store on my Kindle Fire because it’s practically useless other than for my reading?”


You feel the frustration that even though your Kindle Fire is literally called an Android tablet, it doesn’t have the capabilities nor the support of Google like most other phones or tablets out there do…


There’s no YouTube

There’s no Chrome

There’s no Gmail

There’s no Google Drive

Heck, there’s no even Instagram


I truly feel you my friend, and it sucks


But you know what?


F*** what Amazon says


All you need is less than 30 minutes,

And I’ll guide you by the hand and show you a way you can actually get the Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire in just 3 simple steps  🙂






What you’ll be needing

  • your Kindle Fire




Install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire: 3 Steps



Downloading Google Play Store APK Files


Step 1:  Head over to your Settings, then Security. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.


Why should you enable this?

Well, you’re going to need this for the next step as you’re going to install the APK files to get the Google Play Store.




Step 2:  Now, Open your Silk browser on your tablet, and then head over to this very page and download each of the 4 APK files below.


I have tested and tried these links (Updated 23 March 2017)


(If you do find that any of the links are not working for you then just comment down below and I’ll help you)








To download each APK file, just click on the link, and then scroll down where you’ll see Download APK. Click that.


Install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire





Note from jake

Don’t worry if you see any pop-ups that appear to say that type of File can harm your device. (It won’t)

Just go ahead and Tap OK whenever it appears.








Installing Google Play Store APK Files


Once you have downloaded all the APK files,


Step 1:  Close out of your Silk browser and open up the built-in file manager app, Docs, that you have on your Fire tablet.


Install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire





Step 2:  Select Local Storage


Install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire





Step 3:  Next Click your Downloads folder.


Install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire




You will find all your APK files will be here in this folder.

All you have to do is simply tap on one to begin installing it onto your kindle fire.




Note from jake

Make sure that you install the APK files in the same exact order that you downloaded them from above.


Google Account Manager APK   → Google Services Framework APK  →  Google Play Services APK  →  Google Play Store APK


Install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire





Step 4: On the next screen, go ahead and confirm the installation by tapping on Install at the bottom.


You can actually see to your upper left hand corner that it says which APK File that you’re installing.

Again make sure to install all the files in the right order. 🙂







Using your new Google Play Store


Once you’re done installing all the four APK files onto your kindle fire, you can see that the Google Play Store app just appeared on your kindle fire’s home screen.



Step 1:  All you have to do is tap on your new Google Play Store app, and Sign in with your Google account.

You may find that it might not work as you expected it to be just right after you signed in.


Give it some time. 🙂

Your new Google Play Store and Google Play Services will update automatically in the background, and it may take around I’d say 10 minutes?

(Or less, it was less for me )





Note from jake

If you do find that it’s still not working after you’ve gave it some time..

Then all you have to do is just go ahead and search for any app (YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, etc.) and download it.


There you go! 😀






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