Faraday Future, a secretive startup based in California that’s focused on the development of electric vehicles, has provided us a glimpse of what we all can expect at CES in January 2017, and they are set to take on Tesla to be the dominant force in the electric car industry.

Some of you, might be asking what’s with the black cloak?

Well to shed some light, that’s what companies use during testing as a form of camouflage  so that they can prevent spy photographers from stealing shots of the car before it’s even ready for the public view.

Faraday Future

We can expect more teasers in the coming two months, as a spokesperson for Faraday Future said the video not only is the first look as its prototype in action, but also “showcases our car’s ongoing high-performance testing.”

He promised “more videos in the coming weeks that will start to reveal more of our vehicle’s journey up to CES.”

They have been recently dealing with issues involving with getting its factory up and running, but with that aside, Faraday plans to release its electric car into production within two years. That’s an insane timeline even for established automakers, let alone for a startup that has never built a car before.

Let’s hope they can make a dent in history, and release a product which can revolutionize the entire autonomous industry.



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