How The U.S. Army’s ‘Phaser’ can wipe out an entire fleet of drones with one strike

The U.S. army's 'Phaser' is capable of taking down an army of drones with a single strike, but how does it do it and will it make its mark?

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With the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 you’ll be done charging your phone by the time you finish reading this

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 brings with it the new Quick Charge 4 where you can get "5 hours of use from just 5 minutes of charging.".

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This Modular Exoskeleton Will Never Get You Injured At Work Ever Again

As robotic technology get cheaper and more advanced this new Modular Exoskeleton by suitX is a solution to reducing workplace injuries.

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Hate crowds? Google’s Real-Time will tell you exactly how busy a place is before you arrive

No one likes waiting half an hour for a drink, now Google's Real-Time will tell you how crowded your favorite bar is in real time.

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This new supercapacitor battery lasts for days, charges in seconds

This Supercapacitor Battery can be recharged over 30000 times without any degradation and lasts for days with just a few seconds of…

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FBI can now legally hack you

Beware, the FBI can now legally hack you anywhere, everywhere around the world

The FBI can now legally hack you no matter where you are, and the fact that this controversial new amendment, is something you might not…

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Netflix $1 Million Challenge

Why Netflix Never Used the Algorithm That Won The Netflix $1 Million Challenge

In 2009, the Netflix $1 Million Challenge brought a winning team with a game changing algorithm, but why did Netflix decide to thrash it?

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This Russian Drone Can Imitate Any Submarine

This Russian Drone can imitate any submarine, and there is no doubt that Mother Russia can tip the warfare playing field, with the…

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Mandating Encryption Backdoors

How Mandating Encryption Backdoors Will Just Make Everything Worse

The European Union for Network and Information Security (ENISA) pointed out that Encryption Backdoors is just going to make everything…

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Galileo Satellite System

Europe’s New Galileo Satellite System Will Improve Your Phone

You know that feeling when you always can't seem to find a signal to get internet? Well now you don't with the new Galileo Satellite…

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How AI Can Become a “Third Hemisphere” of Our Brains

Stop what you are doing, and take a minute to actually think whether Can AI really become a "Third Hemisphere" of Our Brains?

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Computer Not Recognizing iPhone

5 Simple Ways to Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone

5 Fast and Simple Solutions to why your iphone is not recognizing when we connect iphone to computer. Fix your Computer not recognizing…

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