The 12 Best Websites to Learn to Code

We’ve curated this list of the 12 best websites to learn programming with beloved readers like you in mind, filled with quality and easy...

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This is why you should dump your girlfriend for Apple’s new iPhone 7

iPhone 7 now has the best performance and battery life ever, as well as new finishes, but it doesn't just end there.

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This is how intelligent AI is right now

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is an exciting and promising billion dollar industry with companies like Apple and Google investing heavily...

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The Reason Why the Microsoft Surface Book Is So Expensive.

The new Microsoft’s Surface Book Gets Faster and a Bigger Battery, however has its price tag justified for whether its a quality product?

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How Google Brain’s AI machines can now keep secrets from you

Google Brain's AI machines can now encrypt data, messages content and keep it as a secret from you.The question is, how did they even do it?...

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This electric car by Faraday Future is set to take on Tesla

Catch the first glimpse of Faraday Future's latest electric car, set to take on Tesla to be the dominant force in the electric car industry....

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Why you’re going to need a new cable to plug your iPhone into the new Macbook Pro

The new Macbook Pro, brings the powerful Thunderbolt 3, at a price, as you are going to need more than once cable to connect all your...

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How the U.K. will spend 1.9 billion pounds to bulk up its cybersecurity as MI5 Chief Cites Russia Threat

The U.K.'s cybersecurity is issuing a Defence, Deter and Develop strategy to 'strike back' amidst Russia cyberattack threat towards the U.K....

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How Graphcore, an AI chip start-up, raised $30m to take on the World’s AI giants

Graphcore, a U.K. based AI chip company, raised more than $30m, as it hopes to take on the World's AI giants,and revolutionize the AI...

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How Echodyne’s Military-Style Radar helps Drones see

Now drones can see with Echodyne's latest military-style 'detect and avoid’ (DAA) radar technology, but how does this precisely work?

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The U.S. Military Is Asking You to ‘Hack The Army’

The U.S. Military is asking you to 'Hack The Army' and get paid. Find out why and what are the eligible requirements for applicants to join....

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How The U.S. Army’s ‘Phaser’ can wipe out an entire fleet of drones with one strike

The U.S. army's 'Phaser' is capable of taking down an army of drones with a single strike, but how does it do it and will it make its mark?

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